The HENROY Investment Fund

Our investment fund consist of our own and investors funds and is distributed on the following three models:

  • American ETF Bonds + VIX/ZIV (circa 33%)
  • Trending NASDAQ stocks + ETF bonds (circa 34%)
  • Global sector ETF’s (circa 33%)

The fund is leveraged with 50% has been outperforming the general market since its establishment and back-tested since 2008.

Here is the performance displayed along side the performance of SP500 index in comparison. These numbers are raw performance numbers and there is not deducted trading costs. These costs are estimated to be around 1% all together per year.

Combining our three portfolio models

Our three portfolio models are all optimized to get the best Sharp value individually. The combination of the three is also optimized on basis of getting the lowest correlation between the different models. In this way we get the best performance with the lowest risk. The numbers used in this proces is both historical test data and data from trading the models live.

Fee and Cost Structure

No on-boarding fee is charged. A management fee of 1.5%  is charged annually.

We charge a performance fee of 20% of net profits above 8.0% and nothing for below.


The fund is owned and managed by:

Investment Manager, Hans Henrik Nielsen

Blegistrasse 13
CH – 6340 Baar
(+41) 78 932 85 84

The fund is traded through:

Interactive Brokers (U.K) Ltd.
Gotthardstrasse 3
CH – 6300 Zug
(+41) 41 726 96 70

The fund is legally advised by:

Steurrechtspraxis Blum AG
Haldenstrasse 5
CH – 6342 Baar
(+41) 41 768 03 22