After a slow 2015 – where all momentum model portfolios around the World had a tough time – 2016 was very satisfying with more than 17% in our combined ETF-portfolio benchmarked against 11,96% in the S&P500 Index.

Our portfolio was making positive performance in 8 out of 12 months and was having the largest drawdown at -6,14% in the month of January 2016. Despite the challenging start of the year, we ended up with great results and more than 5% above the market level (S&P500 Index).

Yet again our well-tested models came through and proved that our momentum methods are still very valid and performing well under changing and challenging market conditions.

We are constantly monitoring the performance on a weekly basis regarding several key parameters. In 2017 the models will continue to be 100% invested all the time with our 33/33/34 allocation in the three base models.

As usual, we will continue to publish our results during the year and look forward to hopefully beating S&P500 again this year.

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