With 2017 now being six months in, we must admit that our a bit pessimistic expectations for 2nd quarter were all wrong. The 2nd quarter has outperformed the 1st quarter with several percentage points netting more than +12.5% for this quarter alone.

Overall, we are now getting close to +23% in performance for the first six months.

The best year to date for our portfolios was 2011 with +54%, which was very extraordinary and we don’t expect this record to be broken in 2017.

Many things are happening on the World Investment scene and the different bull markets have been running for a very long time now. We would not be surprised to see a smaller set back in the markets over the summer period, but our models are well-hedged in the case of a down-turn in the market.

We don’t try to predict the markets. We are simply following our well-tested models and keep our money 100% in the markets at all times.