After a blazing first half of the year with more than 22% in performance, we expected some slow down in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

And as expected, the performance fell a bit and we had our first losing month of the year in September with a negative performance of approximately -1,2%. But with July and August in the green, we ended Q3 up with +0,65% for the entire quarter.

We can see for many traders the markets after the summer period have been tough, mainly due to a lot of uncertainty in the global arena. However, our models are purely mathematical models that are always 100% invested in the market. The way we combine our active assets with hedge assets ensure that we quickly recover after a tough period – and the longest row of losing months we ever have had is 2 months.

We don’t try to predict the markets. We are simply following our well-tested models and keep our money 100% in the markets at all times. Even though we are not trying to predict markets, we have some experience in predicting how our models will perform, and we can say that if we see a world market without any large crashes in stock prices, then it’s very likely that our performance for the entire year of 2017 will get close to 30%.